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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S wants to be your competent business partner. Therefore, we work based on these values:

  • High level of service

  • Flexibility

  • Dedication

Our many years of experience and accumulated knowledge make us a competent business partner who is able to create the best opportunities for the specific task at hand. In this way, we ensure a high level of service in everything we do.

Flexibility is another key value for ALLERUP TEKNIK that makes us competitive. Our flexibility is reflected in the fact that we are not limited by any product range, but through our many suppliers from all over the world, we can deliver exactly the mouldings our customers need.

Last but not least, we are dedicated to our customers. This means that we go to great lengths to have the products and items you need - raw or machined. This is how we create success for our customers.

We care about the environment

At ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S, we want to contribute to the environment. Therefore, when our continuous cast iron is produced at our foundry at ACO Guss, this production consists of recycled material that is remelted. Furthermore, ACO Guss has achieved ISO50001 certification, which means that they have managed to significantly reduce their overall CO2 emissions.

Dedicated sales team

Our sales team provides advice and guidance on material selection and always endeavours to deliver on time, in required quality and to be your preferred business partner. If you have any doubts about material selection or anything else, our sales team would love to hear from you. Our team has a wealth of experience in meeting your specific needs.

We are dedicated to our customers.

Co-operation and collaboration

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S sources in Europe and Asia - primarily China. This makes us a competent business partner, as this co-operation enables us to deliver exactly the castings you need. We supply both large and small items to many types of customers.

Casting processes

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S is happy to advise our customers on which casting processes are best suited for the individual item. We engage in dialogue with the customer on one hand and the toolmakers on the other.


In the logistics department, we have many years of experience in handling all types of goods by sea, air or road. This experience also makes us a competent partner when it comes to transport goods. Want us to help you with your next project?