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Bronze bars

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S is a stockist of bronze rods and is also able to supply virtually all qualities and dimensions - including solid dimensions. Bronze generally has a very high corrosion resistance. This makes bronze rods long-lasting, as they are highly resistant to wear and tear. Our long-standing partnerships enable us to offer you that:

  • produce special alloys and dimensions of bronze rods.
  • Cut to size and offer machining to semi-finished or finished products.
  • Sling cast your workpiece so that your raw dimensions are as close to your finished dimensions as possible.
  • manufacture certified materials.
  • Perform UV scans and material tests according to your specifications.

Available dimensions

AlloyRound Ø (mm)Workpiece tubes Ø/Ø (mm)
Bearing Bronze RG7 (CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C)10 - 40426/14 - 404/346
Tinbronze (CuSn12-C)10 - 40426/14 - 404/346
Aluminiumbronze (CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C)8 - 30327/17 - 253/187

If you require other dimensions or alloys than these available dimensions, please contact our sales team. With the help of our many suppliers, they will likely be able to fulfil your specific request. We will also optimise your delivery, saving you machining time and material costs.

Our sales team provides advice and guidance on material selection and always endeavours to deliver your bronze rods on time and in the agreed quality. We want to be your preferred supplier and business partner.


Gunmetal (Bearing bronze), CuSn7ZnPb (RG7)

Gunmetal (Bearing bronze) is the most commonly used alloy for plain bearings, bushes and structures where pressure-tight goods are required. Bearing bronze is extremely easy to work with and has excellent wear resistance, which also makes it suitable for use in seawater, where structures can often be exposed to a variety of conditions.

Tinbronze, CuSn12

Tin bronze has solid wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. Typical applications include worm wheels, slide rails, nuts and cylinder inserts. The resistance of tinbronze to score makes it both durable and resistant to severe weather and other things.

Aluminiumbronze, CuAl10Ni

Aluminium bronze has good impact strength, is wear-resistant and has excellent corrosion resistance to acids and salt water. For this reason, aluminium bronze is widely used in the offshore industry for e.g. plain bearings, wear parts and guides for hydraulics, water turbines and high-pressure fittings. As this type of bronze has a heat resistance of up to 400 degrees, it is often used for furnaces and similar products.