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Continuous cast iron

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S is one of the leading suppliers in the Nordic region of continuous cast iron in standard dimensions and sawn lengths.

We can supply a wide standard range of grey and ductile iron dimensions from ACO Guss. In addition, we can offer customised sawing and pre-milled items.

In addition, our continuous cast iron is produced according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 environmental certification at our foundry in Germany. Read how we produce our continuous cast iron in an environmentally friendly way here.

Available dimensions

MaterialsRound Ø (mm)Square (mm)Rectangle (mm)
EN-GJL-250C20 - 1.00025 - 51030 x 30 - 850 x 600
EN-GJS-400-15C30 - 1.00030 - 51030 x 30 - 850 x 600
EN-GJS-500-7C30 - 1.00030 - 51030 x 30 - 850 x 600
EN-GJS-600-3C35 - 1.000Upon request30 x 30 - 850 x 600

For all materials, we can offer certificates and US testing. If you require a different dimension than these available dimensions, please contact our sales team. With the help of our many suppliers, we will likely be able to fulfil your specific request.