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We offer a very wide product range

At ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S, we are not limited by production equipment or a specific choice of materials. We have a wide network of suppliers and partners in both Europe and Asia, which ensures that we can place production where it is optimal. For you as a customer, this means that we are geared up for any task. With our values of high service, flexibility and dedication, we take on the task and find the solution that provides the most value for your organisation. Learn more about our values here.

Our customers' specific needs and interests are our main focus. Therefore, in addition to simply supplying the raw material, we also offer to saw or deliver finished parts and products. Send us your enquiry for a component and we will offer the finished part within a short time. We take pride in creating success for our customers.

Our product portfolio ranges from the smallest window fittings and components used in the hydraulics industry to large, steel-cast pump housings. No task is too big or too small for us. Contact us today and let us help you with your project.

Continous Cast Iron

We can supply many dimensions of continuous cast iron. These are produced from recycled iron and are therefore very environmentally friendly.

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Bronze bars

We are a stockist of bronze bars. In addition, we offer to produce different alloys and dimensions of bronze bars.

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Castings and forged goods

We offer castings and forgings in all shapes and sizes for many different types of customers. This is ensured through our wide network of suppliers from both Europe and Asia.

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Industrial components

We offer a wide range of product solutions within industrial components - both as raw and finished parts. We supply many different industries at competitive prices.

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